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Consistent across all our recruiting service offerings is a meticulous adherence to our methodology. At Gordon-Hughes & Associates, our knowledge and experience can be found at each step of the process. In order to successfully complete an assignment, a search needs to the follow this sequence:


Interaction with the client executives to develop the total position profile, the organizational portrait and a complete representation of the successful candidate.




Identification, sourcing, networking and initial contacting of candidates




Thorough interviewing and evaluation of candidates utilizing a structured behavioral-based methodology to obtain a realistic understanding of their accomplishments and capabilities, as well as their needs, goals and aspirations. The candidates are also evaluated to determine their strengths and limitations. The assessment of a candidate's attitude and comportment is a continuous process conducted throughout the interview cycle and is fundamental to the successful match of chemistry and culture.




Once we have evaluated the potential candidates, we normally present only the most qualified individuals to the client for their consideration. The client follows with interviews to select the individual who best satisfies the needs of the position.




The client always makes the selection of the individual chosen for offer. We assist, as required, in establishing the terms of employment. We then facilitate in the final negotiations in order to reach a successful conclusion.




Continuous involvement with the chosen candidate until the start date to ensure a proper on-boarding and subsequent follow-up to ease transition issues.







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